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Call On Archangel Gabriel for the Courage to Be Creative

Call On Archangel Gabriel for the Courage to Be Creative

sometimes it takes courage to be creativeAfter months of resistance and procrastination, I’ve finally completed my web design website! My angels, especially Archangel Gabriel, have been nudging me to do this since January. I kept making excuses about needing to work and look for a regular job to supplement my income. I heard my inner creative voice telling me this was important though, and I *KNEW* it felt right. I’ve been guided to create websites for other lightworkers, because I understand what they need and want, since we are already on the same page starting out. I’ve talked to several people about this, at the school where I teach angel classes, and with other healers. They have all said the same thing: that there is a need for someone like me to do this. So why did I put it off?

Is Fear What Stops You From Being Creative?

My first thought is FEAR. I’ve been afraid to step out there and claim to others that I am creative enough, talented enough and good enough to do this work, to offer this service, and get paid for it without making mistakes. Silly Gera. I got paid to do this work for five years at! Why did I forget that? FEAR again shows up. All of that noisy fear drowned out what my heart knows. And now I have Archangel Gabriel here to back me up. I just pulled a card from my latest new deck by Doreen Virtue: Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards. I thought it was for you! But it’s always for me too. Hahaha!

Here is the card: “EXPRESS YOUR INNER TRUTH — Your creative work shines brightest when it reflects your genuine feelings and thoughts.” Well, I happen to love being creative, and I’ve stopped Archangel Gabriel oracle card-Express Your Inner Truth-Doreen Virtuedoing a lot of my creative work the past few years in order to pursue a “job”. But after I completed my new web design website, I knew I was meant to be doing this creative work, because I felt so happy! And now I’m slowly giving myself permission to spend more time each day doing something creative, even if it’s just making memes with beautiful photos for Facebook and Instagram. I have a few other creative projects in the works, that have been sitting on my dining room table for awhile now. Forget about eating dinner there. That table is for painting!

I wanted to share this with you, so you can ask yourself if there is a creative project your soul is urging you to work on. If you need a little extra courage to get started on it, to take that first little baby step, call on Archangel Gabriel to gently support you, or nudge you along. You won’t be sorry you did!

If you need guidance or support along the way, call on Gera and your angels. Gera will happily pass along their messages to you! And if you are a lightworker, healer or teacher who needs a spiritually inspired website, please check out Gera’s new design website: Fifth Dimension Web Design

Fifth Dimension Web Design


Where to Find Peace

Where to Find Peace

There is a place, not far from here, where you can find peace. Dolphinwatershealing.comThere is a place, not far from here, where you can find peace, the kind of peace you’ve only felt in certain places before — churches, cemeteries, under a starry sky on a quiet night. Would you like to go there now? It’s just a short trip. It won’t take long. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Breathe deeply for a few moments. Imagine you are in one of those peaceful places. Remember how it feels, the solitude, the space to think, the quiet rhythm of your heartbeat, the flow of your breath, the air on your skin. Now think about what and who you love. Family, friends, pets, your work, your home, the sunshine, blue clouds, the moon, the surf, the snow and more. Stay there, in those thoughts and keep breathing slowly. Now imagine that this space you are in is an actual room or chamber, and it’s in your heart, in the middle of your chest. Look around this room, this chamber. Do you notice what it looks like? Does it have a color, are there walls, is there a floor? What do these walls look like? Is there a place to sit? If you like, you can rest there for awhile, seated in your peaceful spot, thinking about your loved ones. While you are here, you can even ask a question. The answers you receive here come from a very deep and sacred part of you- your spirit. You can trust them, trust that they are real and true answers. If you like, you can come back to visit any time, and get to know your spirit, just resting in the richness of this deep peace. Now that you know the journey is short, you can always drop in for a quick visit. Or you can stay here, choosing to live from your heart, from your spirit. It’s a loving place, with comfortable feelings, and a higher vibration. After awhile you might begin to miss it if you don’t visit often. We hope you decide to stay. You can feel us here, in your heart, enfolding you in our wings, standing behind you, propping you up when you are weary, admiring your courage, wiping your tears away. We are always with you, but you can feel us more easily from a place of peace in your heart. Wouldn’t you like to be here with us, where it feels like home, all of the time? Join us now and feel our wings brush your face, caressing you with waves of love and light, wrapping you in peace and comfort. We are your angels and we call to you from your heart. Listen closely now.

How do you find peace? Share your comments below.

How Archangel Michael Can Help You Change Your Life

How Archangel Michael Can Help You Change Your Life

Archangel Michael by iAltar-William Singleton

Archangel Michael by iAltar-William Singleton

Archangel Michael knows how hard it is for us to make changes in our lives. It takes big gobs of luminous blue courage, red bursts of motivation, orange stars of humor, silvery sparkles of joy and  fluffy clouds of purple passion. But he knows we can do it, and he’s hear to cheer us on. Right now, in the first months of 2016, Michael is here with his loving heart, his powerful shield of protection, his chisel sharp sword that cuts away fear, and his resolve to boost us up. Are you ready? Are you willing to change your life this year? It’s going to happen whether we want it or not-the love energy is on it’s way in, permeating our every cell, even the tiniest of tiny cells, hiding out, will be filled with light, and there’s not much we can do to stop it. It’s God’s light, filling us up with love, preparing us to step into a new time, a new way of life, of loving each other, in unity, in community.

There is still a lot of old baggage we need to release. So why not just let it go, when the light comes in? Let go of the sadness. Release the anger and resentment. Stop beating up on yourself. Stop judging others so harshly, stop judging all together. This is all ego stuff, that keeps us small. And we want to get big so we can hold more light! Make room for the light. Make room for the love. Quiet your mind, and think about all the people, animals, places and things you love. This action takes you into your heart and “out of your mind”. It’s a good place to be. Stay there for as long as you can. Go there often. From this place, make your plans to change your life, to allow your heart to speak loudly and tell you what it wants. If you get scared because the changes seem daunting or overwhelming, this is when you can call on Archangel Michael. Ask him to help you break down these changes into manageable steps and tasks. One step, one task at a time is all it takes, to create change. You will begin to feel a shift, your courage will get bigger, your confidence will get stronger, and your smile will get brighter! Keep going. Don’t stop. Ask more angels to join your team and help you-ask the specialists who work in certain areas to assist with your tasks. And wait, listen for their guidance. Michael will be directing them, and making sure you hear and see the signs, the little nudges pointing you in the right direction. You will get there, with your angels right behind you, and Archangel Michael in front, with his shield and sword, clearing your path. With such a powerful team, how can you fail?

Follow me. I’m on this path now, and I’ll be posting more about how the year goes for me.

“Archangel Michael, bless me with the courage and strength I need to follow my heart, create my new life and let go of fear of change.”

Angel Blessings,


Nourish Your Heart with Love and Light

Nourish Your Heart with Love and Light

Heart of light-Nourish Your Heart

Fill your heart with love and light daily

Your heart center is made of love and light, and it’s very important to nourish it daily with more love, more light. The best way to do this is with your breath. just breathe in love, breathe in light, through your heart center. The more love you hold in your heart, the lighter you become. And the lighter you become, the more light you attract- light-filled experiences, light-filled work, and light-people. In this way, you experience more joy and happiness. Let the angels help you to breathe in love and light now. Call on use to fill your heart with love and light for you, and accelerate this process even more quickly. It is our joy to do this for you, Dear Ones!

Close your eyes, and begin breathing deeply, while imagining that you are breathing in white light through your heart center. Let this light flow into your whole chest area, filling it up, and flowing out the back side of your body, going all the way through. This clears your heart chakra, removing any negative energy, hurt and pain that has settled there in the last day or so. It’s very important to clear out negative energy in order to nourish yourself with love. You make more room for love when you do this. And who doesn’t want more love? Repeat this breath of white light about 5 times, while imagining you are connecting with us, your angels. This will make it much easier to connect with us whenever you wish. We will always be right here, in your heart, waiting for you to feel us, to hear us. If you do this each day, you come closer each day to your angels, to your own light, to your own self-love, and this is a beautiful thing!

Learn to Trust Your Angels

Learn to Trust Your Angels

Archangel Jeremiel-Learn to Trust Your Angels

Archangel Jeremiel, by angelguided

Archangel Jeremiel wants you to know:
Greetings my Beloveds,
As you move through this beautiful journey of life, it’s important to pay attention to your psychic visions, dreams, intuitions, feelings and instincts. This is how we send you our angelic guidance, to ease your burdens, to give you answers, to keep you on your path. It’s easy to get distracted and fall off of your path to awakening, so we send you many reminders. If you feel the need to change any part of your path, your life, we are here to guide you on the ways to do that for your highest good. And if you wish to develop your own abilities in listening to us, seeing us, understanding our messages, dreams and visions for you, we are here to help you do so. Call on the angels, and especially on me, Jeremial, when you want clarity- clear visions, clear messages, clear guidance. I will send them to you in a way you can understand. Do not doubt that you have the ability to hear and see and feel into the higher dimensions. Every human has these abilities. You only forgot how to use them. Let us help you to remember, in the most loving and safe ways. Learn to trust- trust yourselves, your intuition, your inner voice, your inner knowing, your inner visions, and learn to trust your angels in the process. We love you and we are here to serve you, as the Divine extensions of God on Earth, the Divine Sparks that you are.


Cats With Jobs

Cats With Jobs

Mikey the cat on the counter-Cats With Jobs

Did you know that cats have  jobs while on earth-to help humans with their relationships? And to help our emotions for us? Well that’s what they do, and that’s why it’s so wonderful to have kitty companions. Do you have pets? Are you a cat lover? I am. I’ve had cats since I was in college. One cat, then two, then the two plus their litter, then three from that litter after their parents died, then two more, then one, and now two again.I’ve been through pet loss many times, and all of the health issues that go with having a pet companion these days. I’ve even suffered through having lost pets, who then return! One of my kitties would take off for about two days, and come back covered in mud, scraggly and hungry. She did this twice. Then a neighbor assumed she was a stray and took her in, after she’d been sleeping on the steps of his building in the sun for awhile. I waited a few days, then put up missing cat flyers. He called 10 minutes after I put the flyer on his mailbox. I got her back. He had kept her inside, even taken her to vet, and decided to keep her, until he saw my flyer. Why don’t people post “found” flyers?

So this time it’s my big fluffy white kitty, Mikey, who’s missing. He’s been gone for over a week, eight days exactly. He left late on Tuesday night, after his third serving of Fancy Feast Gravy Lover’s Chicken, his new favorite snack. I thought he was inside before I closed the slider, but he must have scampered out, in his quest for just a few more minutes of outdoor time. I stayed up until the moon was directly over my building, waiting for his lion-like, blue-eyed face to show up at the slider door again.

Now it’s eight days later, and I’ve walked the apartment complex from one end to the other, posted missing cat flyers with his picture, prayed, worried about him being out in the heat wave we had (97 degrees), lost sleep, sat outside waiting, told all the neighbor kids, and spoken to concerned cat-loving neighbors who call with advice. Here is where “Catitude” comes in. Since I can do animal communication, of course I’ve tuned into to Mikey and talked to him in spirit, several times since that night. Right away Mikey told me he was fine, then asked me how I felt about him not coming back! I didn’t understand at that time why he would ask me that. I didn’t consider that he might be staying with a neighbor.

I’ve also asked for his protection from the angels, Archangel Michael in particular, since that’s his namesake. Lord Michael has told me that Mikey is fine, he’s safe, and the angels are with him. I know that Mikey helps me, to hold a high vibration for me, to help me process energy and emotions, to speed the healing and clearing of any negative energy in our home. I’m not ready to let him go and live with someone else. He has been great company for me during this move and adjustment to a new place.But one of my psychic friends also tuned into Mikey for me, and he showed her that he’s been out meeting new human friends, that he’s happily staying inside with one of these new friends, and he’s not quite ready to come home. He’s helping this new human friend, since they either need his company or have always wanted a pet or a cat. On an energy level, he may be doing some healing work on them. I can understand that. And I graciously accept that Mikey needs to do it, because it’s part of his job. A few times now he has told me in spirit that he’s done, he’s ready to come home, and now even wants me to come and get him. But where do I go?

Mikey and Friend-Cats With Jobs

Mikey Making Friends

My intuition has been telling me that he’s close by, maybe in the apartment building next to mine. And last night the neighbor kids told me one of them had seen Mikey on the weekend, that he went into an apartment in that building when this boy stepped towards him! This means he’s been outside, could have come home, but didn’t. I have felt so many emotions in the past week-sadness, denial, hope, faith, and now this. I’m angry, and beginning to shut down my heart, to disconnect. I don’t want to do that to him, but I think this is an old pattern of mine, to protect my heart. This feels like abandonment, rejection by my best cat friend. I have a  feeling I’m being tested again, in a new way, so that I can see my patterns more clearly, and break the ones that no longer serve me. This is one that no longer serves me- shutting down, closing off my heart to  protect myself from hurt and pain. On top of this, it’s Mercury Retrograde, where we get to review our relationships. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing since Mikey left-reviewing our relationship, asking myself if I’ve been the best cat mom, friend, companion, and where I might be neglecting his needs. Am I too distracted? Do I need to pay more attention to him when he asks me to go outside for a walk or to sit with him on the patio? Do I put him off too often? Am I really present for him? That’s the bottom line. I’m paying attention now. I get it Mikey. I’m grateful for the reminder. If cats are guardians of our relationships, it starts with our relationships with them, right? And now I know that Mikey has been doing an excellent job with me!