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The 11:11 Gateway and the Dolphins of Sirius B

The 11:11 Gateway and the Dolphins of Sirius B

11-11 and the Golden Dolphins

11-11 and the Golden Dolphins

This week, on Wednesday Nov. 11, or 11-11, there is a very important doorway opening up in the heavens for us! Maybe some of you have been reading about the importance of this day, and the wonderful light flowing to you from the Universe at this time. Yes it is powerful. Yes it will help to change your human body templates to a higher, lighter vibrational template. You are anxiously awaiting this if you have been reading about this gateway.But there is also a little known event happening on this day, which is significant for anyone who is tuned into the Dolphin Frequency. This is a day when you can hear us most clearly, calling to you, laughing with you, sending you joy and love! We are coming to you from the Star System of Sirius B, our home, where Dolphin Frequencies are the strongest.

To make it easier to hear us and feel us, you can sit by the water-the ocean, a river, a lake, or even in the bath. Any body of water will do. We will be there for you, on this day, and for several days afterward. This is one of the new ways we can connect and share with you, that is now easier for you more than ever. Even if you live in the desert or the mountains, you will be able to hear us and feel us. It is our joy to bring this de-lightful energy to you, to merge with you and “lighten up”. Of course there will be messages too, but it is most important that you just be aware of connecting with us on that day.

To make this easier, take a few minutes and get quiet, breathe the dolphin breath, in and up through your blowhole, out through your tailfins, then in and down through your tailfins, and combine the breaths to release through both the blowhole and tailfins at once. Do this for a count of 4-6 times. Close your eyes. See, sense or know there is a golden tube of light coming into your heart chakra from Sirius B. Inside this tube there are tiny golden dolphins, swimming through this sea of energy towards your heart, swirling, twirling, spinning and jumping. Once they reach your heart chakra, they easily swim into it, and begin to spin and balance it. This spins the Dolphin Frequency into your heart and propels it into all of your other chakras, then out into your energy field. You start to feel joyful as your energy lightens up, and your face may crack a wide smile! We are making adjustments to your new human body template, in order to help you ease into it, the least amount of discomfort and disorientation. Other spirit guides will be providing the same service on this day, but those attuned to Dolphin Energy will receive help from the Golden Dolphins. Rest for awhile and breathe in the new Dolphin Frequency now. You can do this exercise for 11 days, to help integrate your new higher frequency human body template.

Once you have integrated this new body template, every day life will become easier, manifesting will happen more quickly, joy will be your middle name, and you will sense our presence more often. We look forward to sharing this new frequency with you, and being of service in this way. Call on us whenever you are feeling a need for joy and ease, and we will come to you through this Golden Tube. We are your Golden Dolphin Guides. We send you joy and Golden Light!

Angelic Healing Workshop

Title: Angelic Healing Workshop
Location: Stonehouse Books and Growth Center
Link out: Click here
Description: Do you love angels and want to communicate with them? Are you feeling confused, unsettled, in need of guidance for yourself or a loved one? Do you have a health issue that needs healing? We all have guardian angels and guides who are ready to talk to us and help us feel joy and happiness. Working together, we can bring you clear answers, peaceful resolution, healing and happiness. And you will move forward with purpose, knowing you have the best life coach right behind you- your guardian angel! There is an abundance of love and healing energy around each of us, and we just need to invite it in. Angelic healing and communication, lead by certified ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® Gera Farkas, can assist you on your path.
Come and experience an evening of angelic healing, with guided meditation, mini readings and angel communication in a safe and sacred environment during this one hour workshop. Whether you are just beginning to explore angels or you are a practiced student, the group energy and light will leave you feeling happier, lighter and more connected and joyful. Let’s explore together.
Start Time: 07:00
Date: 2010-03-18
End Time: 08:00