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Endings and Beginnings

My heart is heavy right now, for the loss of one of my favorite actors-Robin Williams. He was just 63, and still had so much to give us, my mind tells me. But maybe he knew in some way that his life was complete, that it was time to end this life and start a new one somewhere else. This is the ultimate meaning of the term “endings and beginnings”. We just experienced the beautiful Super Moon of August 10th, where we acknowledge the completion or ending of a moon cycle. It’s a great time for releasing, letting go of the old and preparing to start something new. Was Robin feeling this more strongly than some of us? Maybe he was. I have a feeling he was much more sensitive than we knew, and maybe things just got to him, and he knew he was done.

Is there something in your life that you would like to change or end? Is there something you want to start- a new project, creative or business idea, a new job, a new relationship or routine? This is a powerful time to end what no longer serves you, to just “let it go”. You have all the support in the Universe! You can start today, tonight, this week, by just making the decision. Then write down what you want to release-old habits, negative thought patterns, friendships that don’t serve you anymore, old clothes that don’t make you feel good, fears that hold you back, assumptions that keep you stuck, family values or patterns that don’t fit who you are, clutter and any stuff you are keeping just in case you might need it later. Once you have a list, you can do what you want with the piece of paper, to symbolize letting it all go. You can say a prayer over the list and burn it. You can tear it up into tiny pieces and bury them, or toss them. Draw a big red X over the list and kiss it good-bye! Be creative and make it memorable. I went to a spiritual bonfire at the beach on Summer Solstice in June, where we wrote out our list , wrapped it around a small stick of driftwood and tossed it into the fire! We also wrote out a list of what we wanted to create or start, and did the same thing with it. This felt so good, this symbolic way of burning up what no longer serves us, and releasing what we want to create to the power of the Universe.

The cool part about doing this is that it gives you hope, a fresh perspective, a chance to start over. And you can do it whenever you feel the need! It’s not just restricted to full moons or super moons. You can do it next Tuesday or the Friday after that. Do it when you are ready, when you’ve had enough, when you want to feel more joy, when you are tired of the clutter junkin’ up your life! Ask for help too. Your angels are happy to help you with changes, fresh starts, ending bad habits and negative relationships. And yes, there are certain archangels who  specialize in these types of changes. Archangel Metatron is great at helping you get organized. Ask him to help you organize these projects of change. I ask him to help me organize my thoughts so I can get clear on what I want to write! If you need strength in releasing fears, Archangel Michael is your guy. And there are many more angels standing by. Remember to put them to work. And if you need more help, I’m here for you, as a coach, an angel messenger and healer to help you release whatever no longer serves you. We all want whatever is for your highest good.