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Dolphins — The Doctors of the Sea

Dolphins — The Doctors of the Sea

Time to Move On oracle card

Time to Move On – Mermaids and Dolphin oracle card by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

“Dear friends, please call on us, the doctors of the sea, when you are feeling low. We will come to you, enter your energy field, and spin around you until all lower vibrational energies are transmuted into joy, love and happiness. This is part of our healing mission on the planet, and we do it with great care and compassion for you, our human partners. Love, from the dolphins”

Time to Move On: The Dolphins want you to know that it’s time to let go of old patterns and worn out cycles so that the new can come in. I just drew this card from the Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle card deck, but it reinforces the wake-up call or realization I had earlier today. I was talking to a friend about how weepy and sad I’ve been feeling, for weeks now. I knew I was processing old emotions and releasing them, because we were going through Mercury Retrograde, which is a time of Review. But I felt like I was having trouble truly releasing, truly surrendering. As I talked through my feelings out loud with my girlfriend, I realized that all of this sadness was being triggered by fears and feelings of rejection. And it wasn’t just mine! I was picking up on feelings of rejection from other family members because I’m so much more sensitive now. There may even be some genetic programming in my DNA, because my mom was adopted and has always felt some rejection and abandonment because of that. So now I have a clue! I can deal with this! I can heal this. I have many tools to use in my tool kit. ThetaHealing is a good place to start, because it heals at the cellular level, in the DNA, and on the history level, going back for generations. That’s pretty powerful. I feel better already just knowing this. And of course, there is always help available from the dolphins.

So now onto what the dolphins are nudging us about — letting go. What are you holding onto that still causes you pain? A relationship that ended badly? A hurtful comment by a friend or co-worker? Old photos, stuffed animals, clothes that don’t fit? How much real estate is this pain taking up in your heart, your mind, every day? How much energy do you give it, thinking about it, “mentally tending it”, worrying about it, beating yourself up each time it intrudes your mind? No wonder Eckhart Tolle calls our ego the “pain body”! Are you ready to release this hurtful pattern so something better can take its place? The spirit dolphins can help you with this. They are very good at healing imbalances in our energy fields, our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and more. You can call on them anytime to help you heal, to bring you new levels of joy, to fill your heart with love. Think of them as the angels of the sea, and know that they are here to support us all with love, reminding us that playing and having fun are the best forms of healing.