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How a Dog Inspired Me to Be More Sparkly

How a Dog Inspired Me to Be More Sparkly

Featured in Ladies Home Journal, Gera Farkas My Interview for Ladies Home Journal: Sparkly

Ladies Home Journal is a magazine I read faithfully for years as a younger woman. It’s always had helpful articles for everyday living and I’ve had my favorites. So when I was approached by a freelance writer to be interviewed for this magazine as a pet psychic, I was ecstatic! I hadn’t seen this favorite on newsstands for awhile, and learned later that it’s now a quarterly publication. All the same, it’s an honor to be considered an expert at anything, and even more so at something like animal communication, since it’s still considered a bit “woo-woo”. The author was to write an article on pet psychics and what it’s like to get a reading for your pet. She chose 3 pet psychics to do readings for her dog Roger. Two of us gave readings long distance, over the phone, using just photos of her dog. The third woman just did a long distance reading and gave it to the author when she was finished.
The author was new to this experience herself, so of course she was skeptical about the information I could give her, and whether I was actually able to talk to her dog. As we began the phone session, I was able to tune into her dog easily. She had sent me a few photos by email, and I sensed what a fun and funny dog Roger was right away. I talked to him about his home situation, his humans and his name. He’s an adopted dog, so he’s very grateful to his new family. He mentioned the family with kids he was with before, and how he’s much happier now. (The author had not mentioned that the previous owners had children.)

The next big revelation was how Roger feels about his name. He really doesn’t like it. He’s feels that something more “sparkly” suits him. One of his dog brothers is named Skippy, and Roger likes that because of the S, K, Y in it. So I asked Roger what he wants to be called and he says “Sparky!”. His energy really shifted when he told me this. He got very excited and showed me that he was jumping up and down about it. So I hope he gets his wish!

Finally, Roger starts talking about his human, the author, and how he inspires her. He’s like a doggie muse! He tells me that she is going to write a book about dogs, short and fun, about having dogs, not children, and how fulfilling that can be instead. I am in amazement! I’ve never had a dog tell me anything like that before. But then, I’ve learned through my experience that our pets have jobs too, and they come to us for a reason. It’s not all by chance, but part of a bigger Plan. Time will tell if Roger is doing his job, inspiring his human to write this book. I do know that Roger has inspired me, and my goal is to be even more “sparkly”!