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Forgiveness- spirit rocks Spirit rocks

The dolphins want you to know that it’s important to forgive yourself. We allfeel guilty over things we’ve said or didn’t say, things we’ve done or didn’t
do and though we “should” and things we wish we could do but can’t. We also
talk to ourselves about these things throughout the day, adding to our feelings
of overwhelm and stress. The dolphins want you to know that you can forgive
yourself and let these things go, every day. We no longer need to carry the
guilt of past mistakes or oversights, blunders and mis-steps. It’s important to
have just as much compassion for ourselves as we give to our loved ones, for we
Are our most important loved ones! Let go of the need to talk to yourself in a
harsh manner, the need to “beat yourself up” over so many things. As a perfect
child of the Divine, you are learning about this life as you go, and cannot
make a mistake. Know this in your heart, and begin now to forgive yourself,
starting with the smallest things. In this way, you make room for more love in
your heart. And who doesn’t want that?