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Why You Need a Peaceful Heart

Peaceful Heart

The dolphins want you to know that feeling peace in your heart is natural and much easier to attain than we realize. The path to a peaceful heart is through self-love. When you love and accept yourself, you are at peace with yourself, at peace with others, at peace with the world. It is a natural state, the one we were born in, and it is our path to come back into peace within ourselves. Outside pressures, stress and anxiety take us out of our peace. When you notice that you are feeling agitated or stressed and not peaceful, imagine floating in a beautiful pool of aquamarine water, gently rocking as you drift slowly, quietly, peacefully. The sun warms your face as you relax and let go of all tension, revitalzing your energy field and bringing in more light from the Divine. This Divine light fills your heart as you breathe it in, and you hear a soft whispering. It is your heart speaking to you, soothing you, helping you to feel at peace, to feel love and light from the Divine. Listen quietly now, and hear the peace in your heart. It is always there for you. Your heart is always speaking to you, loving you, whispering what it wants you to know. Find peace there, in the gentle whispers of your heart.