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Dolphin DreamThe dolphins want you to know that there are dolphins in other dimensions who help us. These are the crystal dolphins, and the golden dolphins. They work on different levels, with higher vibrational energies- crystal light, and golden light.

The crystal dolphins come to you in your dreams and take you on journeys to the crystal palace under the seas. In this crystal palace, you receive infusions of crystalline light while you lay on a crystal bed or sit in a crystal chair. The crystal dolphins swim around you, sending their light and love to you while you rest there too.  This light is filled with codes that are raising your vibration, to prepare you for the changing of the light frequencies on planet Earth. Each one of you is doing this work at night as you sleep. Your Higher Selves are participating in this lightwork. You can ask your HIgher Self to show you this work, in your meditations. And you can go to the crystal palace anytime, by just visualizing yourself there. The crystal dolphins have a message for you now: “Children of the light, we are with you every night as you sleep. You are in our care as we escort you to the place of the crystalline light codes, for this is our purpose during this time of earth’s ascension. There is nothing you need to do but be open to learning more about this work, and know that all is well. Ask us to show you the crystal palace, and we will take you on a tour in your meditations and daydreams. We encircle you with the magical energy of crystals and encode you with a beautiful ray of iridescent rainbow light- your ray of light into the future Now. Breathe it in now dear children. It is here for you.”

The golden dolphins work within the ray of unconditional love, the  level of Christ Consciousness. These dolphins are here to help us open our hearts to love, to feel it more deeply for ourselves and for others. You can ask the golden dolphins to help you open your heart, and to assist you in creating your dreams. As we manifest our dreams and feel more joy, our hearts open up and receive more golden light, in a never-ending spiral. The golden dolphins have a message for you now: “Dearest hearts, we of the golden ray swim into your hearts on beams of love, expanding your joy, your heart light, helping you to draw to you all that your hearts desire. Ask us to swim with you, swim into your heart, and bring the gifts of the Universe to you. We are always with you, assisting you in manifesting, loving you, surrounding you in golden beams of unconditional love. Float gently on these beams, knowing that all your desires are coming to you, like precious gifts, flowing into your heart with ever expanding waves of joy.”