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Angel Of Protection-Glenyss Bourne

Angel Of Protection-Glenyss Bourne

The angels want you to know that you are safe, you are protected and there is
no need to be fearful of where you are or losing loved ones. There is much fear
being amplified around the globe now more than ever. And this fear is old
energy, from past messages and past messengers. But this is the New Earth, and
the energies are newer, lighter, brighter than ever before! All of humanity is
being bathed in these new energies, and all of humanity is being asked to wake
up now, to come out of a very long slumber, and wake up to joy! There is much
beauty all around you to celebrate, to en-joy, to amplify and pass on to
your human family. Stay in gratitude, stay in joy and love, and help each other
to diminish this fear. Call on us to help you stay in your hearts, and we are
there with you in an instant. We are your angels, and we are by your side,
basking in your beauty and radiance!