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Visions of Star Dolphin

Visions of Star Dolphin, Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan,


The Dolphins Want You to Know

The dolphins want you to know that communion is an important new theme for us. We take communion in church, we commune with nature, and we communicate with each other. These are all forms of communion, or sharing and exchanging intimate thoughts and feelings. This can be on the physical level, but more and more we are doing this on a mental or spiritual level. And as we develop our human “sonar” or third eye chakra, we will find it easier to commune with others on a fifth dimensional level, a psychic level. This ability is opening up for all humans, whether we intend for it or not. It is time to begin accepting that we are all psychic! The dolphins want us to know this and begin to feel comfortable with it. Being psychic is not just for certain talented people. It is something we are all capable of developing. All we need to do is set our intention to do it, to open our third eye chakra and begin listening to the messages we get. The messages come in different ways for each of us, some through thoughts in our mind, some through symbols or visions we see with our mind’s eye, and some through a knowing or a feeling in our gut or our hearts.


Children are born with these abilities and sometimes filter them out if they feel it is not safe to express them in their surroundings. If we are open to our children being psychic, without fears about it,  and encourage them to develop these abilities, they will not shut off or filter them out, but become stronger and more adept in their knowing. In this way the children will be better prepared to lead us into the Golden Age, the age of the Crystal Dolphin, where everything is known instantly, all is is golden light and love and we are pure crystalline energy. What a beautiful place to be. Wouldn’t you like to go there now?