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Dolphins in the crystal waters of love.The dolphins want you to know there is a huge celebration taking place! In the oceans, in the ethers, around the planet, many are celebrating the birth of this new year 2012! And we are the reason for this celebration, for we have created this leap into a higher dimension! We are joining the dolphins now in the fifth dimension, and there is much joy in this! We are ascending as human angels, something we have created out of our longing for oneness, light, love and connection with the Creator. Oh there have been plans and dreams for eons of time to accomplish this, but we have done it our lifetime! As we glide into the crystal waters of 2012, we are guided by many angels and dolphins who love us and hold great joy in their hearts for us. Breathe in that love, that joy now. See turquoise crystal light coming in a wave towards your heart from the dolphins, and inhale it into your heart. It is a gift of love especially foryou. En-Joy it and breathe it out to others, sharing it with your pod. There is much more of this light to come, in bigger and bigger waves. Open your heart now and surf these waves of love!