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Archangel Michael by Marius Michael George

Archangel Michael by Marius Michael George

Archangel Michael Wants You to Know

Archangel Michael wants you to know that he is here on planet earth in service to you, as a protector, a helper, a soldier of the light. If you are in a dark place, call on Michael to send you light. If you are afraid, call on Michael to protect you. If you need help in any way, call on Michael to support. Archangel Michael has legions of angels by his side, in service to us all. Here is a message from Archangel Michael for you now:

“My beloved children of the earth school, you are stronger, more courageous and luminous than you know. We see you from a different perspective, from the ethers, where it is easy to see your light, and the courage and strength that emanates from you like a beacon on a foggy night. You are all soldiers in the army of Michael, shining your light brightly, leading the way into the new earth energies, the new ways of being in the 5th dimension. To all of you I say Bless yourselves, honor yourselves, for having the courage to take this journey now, to step into the 5th dimension and explore! There is much to discover here, and you have only just begun. There is magic here you cannot imagine! There are mythical dragons, wizards, alchemists, ETs, UFOs, and more! Have courage, step into your own place of knowing, and be not afraid. Be open to the magic and have magical experiences yourselves. And remember to share with your brothers and sisters so that they may have the courage to explore the unknown. It is all here for you, just a breath away.

In loving service,

I AM Lord Michael”