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Hello angels. Since I last wrote, we have all been through several changes I’m sure. At times it seemed we were stuck and going no where. At other times things sped up and we could hardly keep our heads above water, treading while we tried to figure out what was happening and where we were going next. For me, this was really personal. Last year, I was laid off from my daytime, contract job. I loved my work and I thought it would last as long as I wanted to work there. I was shocked when I heard the news, and not planning for it all. What I was planning to do was move, and continue to work remotely from my new home. The only part that I got right was moving! I had known for at least 2 years that my guides were calling me to southern California, to the beach, to be closer to the dolphins. Since I visited Laguna Beach for a workshop 2 years ago in June, I knew that Laguna Beach was my destination. I had some wonderful guidance from the dolphins while I was there, and I truly felt “in the flow”.

Penske truck and my Honda CR-V

Journey down the coast

In December, I packed up, filled up a Penske rental truck to overflowing, and with a friend at the wheel of the big truck, we headed south from Seattle, Washington. I wanted to drive along the coast for as long as we could, and it was a wonderful adventure, through Oregon and California.


Motel 6 Costa Mesa

Motel 6 Costa Mesa

After arriving in Orange County, I checked into a Motel 6 (pet-friendly by the way) and waited for signs on my next steps to take. I didn’t know where I would live or work. My guides told me to go to The Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach and get a reading, so I did. The reader mentioned some type of housesitting situation that would come up, and an idea of where I was to live. Well the housesitting opportunity came up just 3 days later! An old friend offered to let me stay at her house near the beach while it was on the market. I packed up right away and moved in, camping out there for 3 months while I navigated these big life changes.

When it was time to look for my own place to live, I had no luck getting any response from landlords in the neighborhoods I had chosen, in Costa Mesa. I thought it was a great little city, close to the beach, walkable and convenient, near lots of job possibilities. But every door I knocked on didn’t open. Lots of closed doors means “course correction”! So I asked my guides where they wanted me to live. And of course they told me the same thing I heard in my reading the day after I arrived! I started looking in this sprawling suburban city above the beach, and found an apartment the same day. (Note to self: remember to listen to guidance) I love my new place. It has all the details on my checklist, and even looks like some of the photos on my old vision boards. Isn’t that cool? My angels and guides knew “Exactly” what I wanted, right down to the crown moulding. Of course I was concerned about rent, money, income, etc. And it was time for another leap of faith.

There were several leaps of faith taken on this journey. 1. Packing up and leaving Seattle without a place to go, a new job or a home. 2. Arriving in California and staying at Motel 6 until I received guidance on next steps. 3. Trusting my angels and guides to choose my new city for me. 4. Income-where it’s coming from and how am I to support myself.

For months now, I’ve been applying for and interviewing for jobs like my old one, in web publishing. For months now, with no results. I started hearing whispers and getting nudges about changing what I want to do, and how I work. And I thought, maybe it’s possible to work full time doing what I love, helping my angelic soul tribe, and my dolphin pod-mates, with readings, angel healing, workshops, intuitive coaching and support. I have learned so much in just the last 6 months about trust, faith and intuition, that I want to share it with everyone, and tell you it all works!

If you are ready to transform your life in a big way or even a small one, I am here to support you. Let me guide you, connect you with your own guidance team, help you clear blocks and get out of your own way, so that you can step into your new life and be who you were always meant to be. I’m available for phone readings and clearings, email questions and even a new monthly angelic support circle by teleconference call. I have a new California phone number, but my email addresses stay the same. Please contact me if you have any questions or you are ready for change. I’m offering a new package special on readings/healings in blocks of 3 or 5. The details are on my website, and you can save over $160 by taking advantage of the package of 5.

I look forward to sharing more with you about my journey, and the ways we can accelerate your journey too!

Angel Blessings,


Gera in Laguna Beach

Gera in Laguna Beach