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Since I started working with the angels and archangels about 24 years ago, my go-to archangel has been Michael. I feel his strength and protection around me all the time, and I have seen it at work. As I learned more about the families of angels tthat we can come from, I just thought I came from the family of Michael. One of the main points of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner® course is that those who are called to this work are most likely some form of earth angel. We spent an afternoon learning about the different types of earth angels from her research and experience, and worked on determining which group of earth angel best fit us. She has written a book about this, called Earth Angel Realms, and it’s a great reference! Behind this is the idea that we are angels who descended to earth long ago to spread Divine light and love, using different specialties in our work.

Sure it was difficult to accept this in the beginning, that I might be an angel, an earth angel, but I’ve slowly gotten used to the idea, based on how sensitive and psychic I’ve become. Sensitive in the way that I cry easily when I see anyone hurt, or pictures of anyone hurt, and I “feel it” in my heart and belly. I feel the fear and pain of others, especially when doing angel readings, and sometimes it’s strong enough to make me nauseous. I have felt my empathy, compassion and love increase dramatically since I took that class, and I’ve noticed it’s easier to love people unconditionally. Putting on my “angel halo” has gradually helped me to love and accept myself more, heal my own pain and anger, and understand the same feelings in others.

When I hear or see others reacting in anger and being defensive, I know instinctively now that they are in “fear mode” where their fear of rejection, being wrong or losing love has caused them to act badly or from ego, and I understand. Of course I’ve done this myself! That makes it easier to remind others why they do what they do, and they get it. It also has made it easier for me to stop being so judgmental of others, and just accept them for what they are experiencing now.

Pink Angel

Archangel Chamuel

Enter Archangel Chamuel, the archangel of love and peace. Since I moved to California, I’ve been hibernating in a cocoon of peace and light, adjusting to the changes in my environment and releasing all the old thought patterns (fears, anxiety, worry) that no longer serve me. It’s a new place and a new me-I’m slowly re-inventing myself! So I was meditating last week and I was curious about which family of archangels I came from, so I asked my guides. Archangel Chamuel started talking to me, and told me I’m from his family! I was surprised, but then it all started to make sense. The path of healing I’ve been on for over 20 years was all about forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and creating peace in my life. I’ve seen my own guardian angel many times in my mind’s eye, and she’s pink, all soft pink light and fluffy love, like pink cotton candy. Her name is Serarayo and I love her so much! Well Archangel Chamuel’s color is also the pink ray of light! His partner is Archangel Charity. Is this starting to make sense?

Book -The Seven Sacred Flames

The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones

There are seven rays of Divine light that flow from Source to planet Earth, and pink is one of them. It is said that there is a ray for each day of the week, an archangel, an ascended master, and certain gemstones that all come to earth on this ray, work together to create whatever that ray represents and spread that energy all over the planet. If you want to work with these rays, the book I have used is called Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames, and there is a more in-depth book called The Seven Sacred Flames, both by Aurelia Louise Jones. For over 2 years, I prayed these prayers each morning, connecting with the ray for that day, saying the prayer for planet Earth and myself to best use the energy of that day’s ray. It felt so powerful to me! And now I understand why I was so committed to this practice.

Since then I’ve been studying orbs, spheres of light that show up in digital photos and videos. Diana Cooper (the Angel Lady of England) has a book and an oracle deck of orbs, all from photos people have sent to her. She and her partner have been able to tune into these orbs and ask who or what they are. Many are archangels, angels, fairies and ascended masters gathered around us at parties, special events and out in nature. They are beautiful, and carry the energy of the beings anytime you look at the pictures. Here is one of Archangel Chamuel that Diana has shared in an interview on She says there is an angel of love in the center, with Archangel Chamuel’s deeper pink around it, and Mother Mary’s deeper magenta color around the outside edge.

AA Chamuel Orb by Diana Cooper

AA Chamuel Orb by Diana Cooper

Just this morning I decided to tune in and ask Archangel Chamuel to tell me a little bit more about myself and what I am to do here. What he said was pretty simple: that I am only need to spread love and peace, to BE love and peace, that I have tons of angels around me supporting me in this, and that I am receiving now what I have wished for, what I have been creating the in the past several years. I was shown visions of these wishes coming to me, with details of each manifestation. What a surprise! So many times I have thought that I need to keep working hard, as is the American way, to achieve my goals, to be “worthy” of all that I desire. But I am being shown a different way now, and I know this is because I’ve worked hard to raise my vibration enough to actually “receive”. It also makes sense that after awhile, we would receive the rewards and benefits of our work, not having to “wait until we get to heaven” but being able to enjoy these gifts right here, Heaven on Earth.

The angels wanted me to share this information, so that you could determine which family of angels is your family. All you need to do is ask, and you will be shown signs, through angel cards, songs, messages or readings. It’s so helpful to know, as it makes your purpose clear, and shows you a path to follow where you have lots of suupport, guidance and light to lead the way. If you want help in asking which family of angels is yours, I’d be happy to ask for you!