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The dolphins want you to know that love is all around you. Today, as we all think about how much love we have in our lives, it’s important to realize it’s all around us. We only need to allow it in. Sometimes we have trouble with the allowing part of that. I know I do. It’s taken years of practice to accept a compliment gracefully, and even longer to really let it sink in, to Feel it in my heart. Now, I feel more of everything in my heart, so the practice pays off. Another thing I’ve been working on for awhile now is forgiveness. I’ve been using the Hawaiian healing tradition of Ho’oponopono: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you”. I love you. It’s very powerful when  you repeat it over and over, running names of people and situations through your mind while you say it. I have noticed a shift, a softening in my heart. This makes it easier to stay in a place of unconditional love, for a longer period of t

ime. Once my heart softens, it’s even easier to forgive myself, for little things and major stuff. And we all need to be a little softer on ourselves. Give yourself some love today and make room in your heart for your dear ones to love you even more! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Letter in Pink Heart