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Standing Dolphin

Standing Tall

The dolphins want you to know that it’s important to “Stand Tall”. What they mean by this is that it’s important for you to stand in your light, to be strong, to speak your truth, especially in the face of opposing energy or beliefs. Stand on your tail, stand high in the water, and speak volumes about your truth. Stand on the tallest waves. This sends out a brighter beacon of light from your energy field, attracts the same kind of energy back to you, and keeps you afloat, especially during hard and trying times.

What you want to attract to you is the same kind of energy or higher, because this means attracting people and things to you that reflect the same love, kindness, compassion and generosity you possess. And you want more of this in your life, yes? Please don’t be afraid to speak up, to make waves, when someone is unkind, unloving, or is afraid to be more generous and compassionate; instead offers judgment and criticism. You can remind them in a joyful way that it’s much more fun to be happy and kind! The dolphin way is through play and joy, and we live this way every day in our pods. You can attract your own pod of joyful, loving, playful people and events by standing tall in your light, your joy, and sending out beams of love to all! Then catch a big wave of fun wave and watch your life change around you!