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Life preserver in deep water

Floundering and I need a life preserver

For the last four months I’ve been floundering, or at least that’s what it feels like. I’ve talked about my move to southern California, and the way my guides gave me several big pushes. I took a big step in the healer/teacher direction by signing up to do angel readings at a monthly psychic fair in Irvine, and a few more steps in the same direction, by volunteering to be on a new parenting advisory council at the school where the psychic fairs are held: School for Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences. My intention there is to teach some classes to parents of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children (the new generations of Lightworkers) about identifying them and supporting them as they grow. I even started a group for dolphin and angel lovers in Orange County, so that I could connect with people who want to learn more about angels, who love dolphins and want to receive dolphin energy healing or dolphin reiki. I also found a new spiritual community, a church, where I can go and be with like-minded folks. It’s a Center for Spiritual Living, and the cool thing is that the pastor, Rev. Sandy, after losing a teenage daughter many years ago, started receiving angel messages from her. You may have heard the story on a TV documentary about angels. So this pastor and her family strongly believe in angels! They called their daughter’s story Tara’s Angel. I remember it well and was thrilled to find them! Going to church is a huge deal for me, as I’ve been pretty opposed to organized religions for a long time (recovering Catholic that I am).

Despite these steps in the right direction, and being in the flow, I feel like I’m not! This feeling comes from not making my own way financially (I’ve needed to ask for help-hard!). I have always worked, since I was 13. I’ve always felt the need to work full time, to have a job as a source of income. But now I’m being asked to re-evaluate that idea, that need. I’ve had dreams of being my own boss, working for myself, and played with it as a part-time possibility, doing angel readings and healings for several years on the side. Now that the prospect of supporting myself doing this full time is here, I feel stuck and afraid to step out into the deep! I’ve been working on this belief about needing to work for someone else for about a month now, first recognizing it, then deciding it’s OK to let it go, release it, and create a new paradigm for myself. I’ve done lots of research about locations, resources and people to help me network. And that’s as far as I get. Last night my guides repeated the same message they told me last month: that I can focus on just doing dolphin energy healing work, or dolphin reiki, on people here, people who come to the beach here because they love dolphins. This means finding a location, a healing center or spa where I can do this work, and attracting clients-which my dolphin guides say they will help me do. Once again I’m in a place where I’m being asked to step out into the deep water, and trust that I’m being supported. Big waves of fear come up as I write this.

Have you been here? Are you here now, with me, in the deep water? What are you being guided to do? Let’s ask for some huge life preservers! I’m praying for you, and for myself. I’m asking all of the unemployed angels to throw us life preservers, send their lifeboats and to support us out in the deep unknown. If we can just grab on, take a step into a lifeboat, place a life preserver around us, we can make it to shore safely. And then we can stand with our feet firmly on the land, and know that everything is going to be all right, that we are loved, supported and safe. And for trusting and taking that scary step, we receive an abundance of love, peace and magic. Let’s hold hands and help each other float instead of flounder. I have a feeling that the dolphins will be right there with us, keeping our heads above water.

Dolphin with a Life Preserver

Dolphin with a Life Preserver