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The dolphins are sending their love and healing energy to the people of Chile and Argentina. It comes through the ocean waters in waves upon waves of gentle soothing vibrations. Tune in and feel it in your heart now. The earth is changing and so are we. We are all raising our vibrations to a whole new level.

Have you felt it? We are feeling things differently, seeing things differently, knowing things differently. And of course there are physical symptoms that go along with these energy changes: nausea, dizziness, headaches, body aches and pains, irritability, a feeling of being in a void where nothing is happening. As we go through these changes, it’s important to focus on love, love for our families, friends and neighbors, our cities, states, our countries, and all living things on the planet. When you focus on love, send some some out into your world. You can do it through your heart. Picture a pink cloud, like cotton candy, floating out from your heart, and aim it. Aim it at that driver who just cut you off, aim it that homeless man on the sidewalk. Aim it at trees in your yard. And when you are with your loved ones, surround them in a soft fluffy pink cloud. They feel it. When you think of the dolphins who are helping to heal the earthquake victims in Chile, Argentina and Haiti, send them a pink fluffy cloud of love too. They know when you are sending them love. They feel it coming, through the crystal clear waters of the ocean, into their hearts. And they sigh in happiness and joy, at their loving connection with their human family. Spread your love and joy, give some to the dolphins and allow them to spread it all over the planet for you!

Pink Clouds, Sky