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Archangel Jeremiel-Learn to Trust Your Angels

Archangel Jeremiel, by angelguided

Archangel Jeremiel wants you to know:
Greetings my Beloveds,
As you move through this beautiful journey of life, it’s important to pay attention to your psychic visions, dreams, intuitions, feelings and instincts. This is how we send you our angelic guidance, to ease your burdens, to give you answers, to keep you on your path. It’s easy to get distracted and fall off of your path to awakening, so we send you many reminders. If you feel the need to change any part of your path, your life, we are here to guide you on the ways to do that for your highest good. And if you wish to develop your own abilities in listening to us, seeing us, understanding our messages, dreams and visions for you, we are here to help you do so. Call on the angels, and especially on me, Jeremial, when you want clarity- clear visions, clear messages, clear guidance. I will send them to you in a way you can understand. Do not doubt that you have the ability to hear and see and feel into the higher dimensions. Every human has these abilities. You only forgot how to use them. Let us help you to remember, in the most loving and safe ways. Learn to trust- trust yourselves, your intuition, your inner voice, your inner knowing, your inner visions, and learn to trust your angels in the process. We love you and we are here to serve you, as the Divine extensions of God on Earth, the Divine Sparks that you are.