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Heart of light-Nourish Your Heart

Fill your heart with love and light daily

Your heart center is made of love and light, and it’s very important to nourish it daily with more love, more light. The best way to do this is with your breath. just breathe in love, breathe in light, through your heart center. The more love you hold in your heart, the lighter you become. And the lighter you become, the more light you attract- light-filled experiences, light-filled work, and light-people. In this way, you experience more joy and happiness. Let the angels help you to breathe in love and light now. Call on use to fill your heart with love and light for you, and accelerate this process even more quickly. It is our joy to do this for you, Dear Ones!

Close your eyes, and begin breathing deeply, while imagining that you are breathing in white light through your heart center. Let this light flow into your whole chest area, filling it up, and flowing out the back side of your body, going all the way through. This clears your heart chakra, removing any negative energy, hurt and pain that has settled there in the last day or so. It’s very important to clear out negative energy in order to nourish yourself with love. You make more room for love when you do this. And who doesn’t want more love? Repeat this breath of white light about 5 times, while imagining you are connecting with us, your angels. This will make it much easier to connect with us whenever you wish. We will always be right here, in your heart, waiting for you to feel us, to hear us. If you do this each day, you come closer each day to your angels, to your own light, to your own self-love, and this is a beautiful thing!