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The earth is a precious jewel.

The earth is a precious jewel

The dolphins want you to know that the earth is a precious jewel with many facets, to be admired and revered. We the dolphins care for the earth in many ways- as lightbearers, as guardians, as carriers of messages both vocal and other-wordly. We greet you, fellow inhabitants of this beautiful home, and ask you to honor Mother Earth as you would honor your own bodies. It is important to show respect and care for her,  just as you do for yourselves. Please remember this each time you go outdoors, and send love and respect to the earth, in your breath, in your thoughts, and into the ground through your feet. In this way, this jewel shines a little brighter, sparkles endlessly, and returns love and respect back to you. Thank you fellow earth-keekpers, for helping us to make our jobs a little easier.