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Surf the Blessed Waves of Change-Dolphin Waters HealingThe dolphins want you to know there is a major life change coming your way. Are you ready to surf? This big wave will sweep you into a whole new world, energetically speaking! The energies on Planet Earth are rapidly changing and upgrading. This is a blessed change, welcomed by all of our supporters in spirit.

As you know, there has been much chaos on the planet in this year of 2015. You have done well to keep your heads above these waves of chaos, to hold love and light and in your hearts and continue to spread joy and peace. You are deeply loved for this-by all of the cetaceans in the seas and in the spirit realms.

It will soon be time for a new wave of love and light energy to sweep the planet. This wave will support you in your spiritual growth, clearing out old patterns of negative thinking and limiting beliefs. Many of you have already been experiencing these clearings, and it has caused you fatigue, sadness and choppy emotions. After this wave comes through your life, there will be changes to flow with, to surf, to manage. You can do this, as it will bring a breath of fresh air with it. You will be thinking: “Finally!” As long as your attitude is positive and hopeful, you will surf this wave of change with grace and ease, knowing that it’s for your highest good, and will bring you to the next place in your journey, whether that is a new home, a new job, a new partner or a new path. The timing of this depends on you and how ready you are, so prepare mentally and emotionally and welcome the wave. Expect blessed changes and surf them with ease!