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There is a place, not far from here, where you can find peace. Dolphinwatershealing.comThere is a place, not far from here, where you can find peace, the kind of peace you’ve only felt in certain places before — churches, cemeteries, under a starry sky on a quiet night. Would you like to go there now? It’s just a short trip. It won’t take long. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Breathe deeply for a few moments. Imagine you are in one of those peaceful places. Remember how it feels, the solitude, the space to think, the quiet rhythm of your heartbeat, the flow of your breath, the air on your skin. Now think about what and who you love. Family, friends, pets, your work, your home, the sunshine, blue clouds, the moon, the surf, the snow and more. Stay there, in those thoughts and keep breathing slowly. Now imagine that this space you are in is an actual room or chamber, and it’s in your heart, in the middle of your chest. Look around this room, this chamber. Do you notice what it looks like? Does it have a color, are there walls, is there a floor? What do these walls look like? Is there a place to sit? If you like, you can rest there for awhile, seated in your peaceful spot, thinking about your loved ones. While you are here, you can even ask a question. The answers you receive here come from a very deep and sacred part of you- your spirit. You can trust them, trust that they are real and true answers. If you like, you can come back to visit any time, and get to know your spirit, just resting in the richness of this deep peace. Now that you know the journey is short, you can always drop in for a quick visit. Or you can stay here, choosing to live from your heart, from your spirit. It’s a loving place, with comfortable feelings, and a higher vibration. After awhile you might begin to miss it if you don’t visit often. We hope you decide to stay. You can feel us here, in your heart, enfolding you in our wings, standing behind you, propping you up when you are weary, admiring your courage, wiping your tears away. We are always with you, but you can feel us more easily from a place of peace in your heart. Wouldn’t you like to be here with us, where it feels like home, all of the time? Join us now and feel our wings brush your face, caressing you with waves of love and light, wrapping you in peace and comfort. We are your angels and we call to you from your heart. Listen closely now.

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