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Forgive Yourself,

Forgive Yourself

The dolphins want you to know that it’s important to forgive yourself. We all carry judgments and guilt, about ourselves and others. If we want to lighten up and feel more joy, more happiness, it’s really essential to let go of the old emotions, our “drag in the water” by forgiving ourselves for hanging onto it in the first place. Do you do what I do —hang on to past experiences and go over and over what I could have said or done differently? It’s hard to move past them while constantly analyzing and rehashing. It takes a lot of energy to do this too, energy I could spend thinking about what makes me happy, or visualizing to manifest my dreams.

The dolphins want you to know that in their eyes, we are perfect human beings. They love to observe us, because we make things so much more complicated than they do. It makes us interesting to them. And they know where we came from, because they never forgot, like we did. They know we came from the Creator, that our souls are beautiful reflections of Creator, that we are those beautiful souls here in a body we have just borrowed for a while, in order to have this earthly experience. And in other lifetimes we could have been masters, healers, teachers, or even dolphins! They say “if we only knew who we’ve been, we would not be so hard on ourselves now”. Does that help you to know that it’s okay to forgive yourself, to ease up, give yourself a break?

Something else to think about, say the dolphins, is that maybe you are here not to learn a bunch of lessons, but just to be a mirror reflection for others, so they can learn their lessons. Maybe you already “got it”. And you are just shining a light on a lesson for someone else, which means you have mastered this one. You are just going through it again to help someone you love. How amazing is that? And how amazing are you? You, reading this, the one with the big heart, huge light, and fluffy wings. Now will it be easier? Forgive yourself now, and get used to feeling those fluffy wings.