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Letting Go- I'm Almost ReadyWhen we lose something or someone we love, we hang onto memories, guilt, sadness and pain about it. That’s normal, human stuff. As a lightworker, I’ve learned that our challenge (one of many gazillion) while here is to LET GO of the human stuff and make room for more light to come into our energy field. How are we supposed to do this? It’s hard, isn’t it? We don’t always have the tools or the knowledge to release, cut the cords or stop thinking about the person or thing we are missing.

As an energy healer, I’ve learned some of the tools! There is Angel Therapy, ThetaHealing, Emotion Code, Reconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics, lots of Quantum Healing choices to help us move forward. I’ve used them on myself and lots of clients now. ThetaHealing is pretty effective for this, as I’ve witnessed. So I ask myself, “Self, why haven’t you used ThetaHealing to let go of grief, sadness and guilt about your pets?” You see, I have kept the cremated ashes of four kitties, in a suitcase in my bedroom closet for years! Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with them when I moved to California. I think, “maybe I shoulda spread those ashes in my old place in Kirkland, where they all lived with me and loved so much.” But it’s too late for that now. One of my psychic friends was tuned into me one day, and said “you need to clean out your bedroom closet. There is some really heavy energy in there, especially in the back corner.” I agreed with her, thinking she was talking about all of those clothes for Seattle weather that I never wear in California! So I cleaned the closet and gave away four Hefty bags of clothes and shoes. I thought I was done with that project, and it did feel “lighter” in my closet. But I never expected one of my pets to help me finish it.

Fast forward a few months. My kitty Posey passes over in June and I know I will have her cremated, but I’m trying to decided whether or not I want her ashes back. What would I DO with them? When I asked Posey about it, she told me not to keep them, that it didn’t matter, because she’s here with me in spirit all of the time now. Okay, I listened to her. Then I recalled the ashes of all those other kitties, and that they were still in my closet, on a shelf in the back corner. Was THIS the heaviness my psychic friend saw and felt? Yup. Oh my goddess, I had totally missed that! Now I just *knew* it was time to let them go. I started thinking about what to do with them, and I talked to a kitty loving friend who promised to help me when I was ready.

She was here to visit last week, on the Fourth of July, this fellow kitty lover. We were going to watch the fireworks together. It was Independence Day. I had the ashes lined up in their little boxes on the table. I was opening them one at a time to make sure I had access to the remains when it was time, when I was ready to “set them free”. I pried the backs and tops off of the first three containers with ease. But the fourth was a challenge, due to layers of glue and years of hardening. I had pliers, a box knife and screwdriver laid out to do the work. The glue was stubborn and my friend was holding the container while I pried with the screwdriver. It seemed to be working after several dents and slips. But honestly, we looked like Laurel and Hardy or SpongeBob and Patrick trying to remove this lid. The container was small, just 6 inches in diameter. And of course I assumed that the ashes where in a little plastic baggie like the others. I was wrong.

Suddenly, the glue gives way, the lid comes spinning off, and ashes go flying! There are ashes on the table, in the air and up my friend’s nose. The ceiling fan is on right above us, and she gets a big dose. She starts coughing and sneezing, and I feel awful that my some of my kitty has gone into her nose. We are both a bit horrified, her more than me. (It’s a visual I’d like to forget.) By that time I’m laughing and getting the message that I needed to let go, in a BIG way.

As if I didn’t get the sign already, as I’m scraping the ashes back into the little tin, I drop the whole thing on the floor under my feet. Now it’s a bigger mess and a bigger message. Most of Boy Boy’s ashes are on the floor and I’m really horrified now. My friend is coughing and sneezing and crying and laughing at this comedy of errors. Somehow between sneezes, she has this brilliant idea though — why not tune into Boy Boy in spirit (Animal Communication) and ask him why this happened? So I did just that. I haven’t talked to him in years, and it was nice to connect again. He was a big sweetheart of a brother kitty, 16 pounds of fluff and love and humor. He was in a good mood about all of this and told me this was joke, a big ol’ joke on me, to help me Let Go of the ashes. Just Let Go Gera. Hahahaha! And if I wasn’t gonna do it, he was gonna help me. I loved it. And I love him.

Now for the clean-up. What did I use? Well, I quickly thought about what I use for “dusting”. I use a Swiffer Duster with a handle. So I grabbed it and swept all of those ashes into a clean “dust pan” swiftly and efficiently. The Swiffer did a great job of picking up the fine dust. I can’t even tell it was there. I must tell the Swiffer people how great their duster is! To be safe, I placed the refilled tin inside a zipper top baggie. Then I placed all of the ashes in a bag and it’s waiting in the back seat of my car. I’m almost ready to Let Go. I wanted to find the perfect, safe, peaceful, beautiful and respectful place, and I have. For some things, you can only do it one step at a time, and that’s fine. I know that when I do spread these ashes, it will make a whole lotta space in my heart for a new pet to come in, and that makes for a happy new beginning. How healing, how lovely. Thank you Boy Boy, my friend to the end. I think I’ll do some ThetaHealing on myself tonight.