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Do you sometimes feel spacey, have accidents, trip over your own feet, have trouble remembering what you were saying in conversations or just feel “not here”? If so, you may need to ground yourself.

Since we are all made of energy, this energy is affected by all the other energy around us.  If we are afraid and have emotional upsets,  we tend to jump out of our bodies, so daily grounding is important. And when we sleep at night, our spirit often leaves our bodies to do work and travel elsewhere and sometimes we don’t come all the way back into our bodies when we wake up in the morning. There are many good grounding techniques and exercises on’s page, and I found several videos here on YouTube also. There is always the basic one: Pretend you are a tree and your roots extend deep into the earth, and your arms are branches reaching up into the sky. You breath in light from the Divine through your branches and the top of your head, and breath this light out through your feet and roots into the ground. This anchors you solidly here, and pulls your soul/spirit back into your body. Notice the difference in how you feel after this exercise. I practice grounding every morning when I start my day. It keeps me and everybody else around me safe! Once you have grounded, remember to protect your energy field next by enclosing yourself in a big egg of golden white light. This way you don’t absorb the negative feelings, emotions and energies from others around you. It’s a great way to take care of  your energy body every day.

If you need to ground yourself quickly and you can go outside, just find a tree and hug it or hold onto a branch for a few moments. Notice the energy from the tree flowing into you. It’s amazing! You feel better instantly. If you cannot go outside, just imagine yourself doing this. It’s a great way to become more of aware of you, your energy and your body. You can take this quiz now and find out if you need to ground yourself! “Are You Adequately Grounded?” Have fun with this and experiment to find your favorite grounding exercise.


TREE OF STRENGTH © Jeremy Beeler |

Imagine yourself as a tree to ground.