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Animals Love Humans So Much They Agree to Help Us Out, DolphinWatersHealing.comWe’ve seen the videos online- Facebook, and YouTube, where humans are helping animals. We rescue dogs, horses, cats, and wild animals too. There have been lots of stories this summer here off the coast in southern California about entanglements — where whales and dolphins get tangled up in fishing nets and crab pot ropes, and ask humans for help, or boat crews see them and help them out. It touches our hearts, and we think “this is how it should be”. But I want to talk about animals who help humans to heal.

There are service dogs who help humans with disabilities and diseases, who enable humans to live fuller lives. There are horses who calmly allow autistic children as riders. There are cats who visit nursing homes and assisted living centers to give love to seniors. This also touches our hearts, and we think “this is how it should be”.

But you may be surprised to learn that your very own pets are helping you to heal in some way too. For example, cats are known as the guardians of relationships. And I’ve also read that cats love reiki! I’ve seen them sleep under the massage table when I’m receiving a reiki treatment. But I learned later that cats also give reiki! On a simpler level, when our pets get sick, we have challenges. We work on our fears of losing them, making time to give them extra care, and when they pass, we move through the stages of grieving for them. Have you ever thought about how all of these experiences might be preparing you for something more?

Did your pet get sick and pass away, and then you lost a parent or a partner? Did your pet get sick with diabetes, and then you got diagnosed with diabetes? Maybe your dog started having trouble with hip pain and mobility, and then your dad went through hip replacement surgery. There is a plan in all of this, a Divine plan. It’s about helping you, healing you, assisting you in moving through these life challenges with a little more ease and wisdom. Our pets are our partners in the earth school. Each one of them has come to us for a reason, and it’s these deeper reasons we need to consider in our everyday lives with them. They are not here just for companionship and fun.

Animals love humans so much that they agree to help us out behind the scenes, so we can learn more about ourselves, advance more quickly in our emotional and spiritual growth, and open our hearts to love more generously.

This is why I love animal communication — your pets explain these things to me. And their angels and guides help me to understand more clearly when it’s a painful subject. I have learned so much about life from animals, I am truly grateful. I’m sharing this point with you so that you will feel that same gratitude towards your own pets for the loving ways they teach you, heal you, and open your heart. Isn’t it time that we show all animals a little more respect, a little more love, and a lot more gratitude?