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Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing. He surrounds us with his healing emerald green ray of light when we are in need. You can call upon Archangel Raphael whenever you need healing for yourself or for a loved one. He will instantly fill you and surround you with emerald green light.
If you are feeling low on energy, negative, unhappy, unsure, fearful, unloved or angry, Archangel Michael can help you. He holds a powerful blue flame sword which he uses to cut any cords of negative energy attached to you, or between you and another person. These energy cord attachments are a common occurrence in our daily lives, and need to be cleared and disconnected. Calling upon Archangel Michael, you can ask him to use his blue flame sword to cut these cords for you. He goes to work immediately at your request. And afterwards, you can ask Archangel Raphael to fill you up with the emerald green healing ray. It’s very soothing and and wonderful way to regain your energy and feel more positive.
If you want help with this, Angel Therapy Practitioners® can  facilitate this healing work with the angels for you. This is called Angel Therapy®.  And this is what I do, to assist you in working with the angels. Please let me know if you have any questions about Angel Therapy® or would like help in calling on your angels in this way.