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Navigating the Waters of Change

Navigating the Waters of Change

Emotional Clearing

Dearest dolphin and whale lovers, we are your friends, the blue whales. Thank you so much for all of your love and respect, it is greatly appreciated. At this time we wish to give you a loving message about your earth, and the changes taking place here in this year of 2012. Many of you are experiencing different types of emotional pain, physical oddities, spiritual doubts. We say to you, this is to be expected as you navigate the waters of change on this planet. There is much change occurring here now, all by Divine plan, all for the good.

When you feel alone, left out, doubting, sad, in a dark place, angry or resentful, it is important to let these feelings just wash through you, and not be attached to them. One way to do this is with water- be in it, drink it, wash with it, cleanse yourself. Take baths, salt baths, showers, float in water, swim in it, stand under it, even imagine yourself in water. Water is the great cleanser for the human body.

The idea is to let these feelings, this emotion, this pain and negative energy, to flow right on through you, without getting stuck. It’s the stuck energy that causes the troubles you experience. There is much deeply held emotion coming to the surface now for release, in all of you. And some of you are helping all of your friends and family to release old emotions, old energy, as a service to them. If something doesn’t feel like it’s yours, count on the fact that you are helping out a loved one to release.

If you need assistance in releasing these energies, call on us to help you. We have the ability to clear these energies from a distance, only by our intention. Imagine yourself floating in an ocean of blue, healing waters, calmly drifting along, water gently lapping at your fingertips and toes. You are safely held up by a friend, a blue whale supporting you from below. This friend is surrounding you in waves upon waves of healing energy, which vibrates these old energies, this painful stuck emotion, to the surface of your being. The blue waters then absorb these old energies and dissipate them, until they become nothing more than a drop in the ocean. The ocean turns these drops into love energy. That is what the ocean does- it transmutes everything into love, by the sheer magnitude of it’s depth and power. This is why you can always imagine yourself being healed in the mighty ocean, with loving assistance from your cetacean friends, who know how to direct the energy up and out. There is much love here for you, in the oceans. Whenever you feel the call to go to the ocean, to be in her waters or nearby, listen, honor your heart’s deepest need, and spend some time with water. In this way, you serve yourself, and all of humanity.

We are your friends, the blue whales, and we have the deepest love for you.