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"Gera is an Earth Angel. If you need angelic guidance, consult with her. I took Gera's "Angel Classes" which were enlightening, educational and fun. She taught me so much about the Archangels and now I'm more closely connected with them. The Archangels love, support and guide me daily. They have positively changed and blessed my life abundantly. Gera also helped me through my ThetaHealing sessions with her.  Instantly, I felt a calming, peaceful shift in me and my life became clearer and happier. Gera also helped me with guidance through my readings with her. She gave me the answers to some concerns I had when I came to a crossroad. After my reading with her, I was sure of what my next step was and what I needed to do. Gera's helped me in so many ways and she can help you too. "  Alice F., Lake Forest, CA

"Gera, I feel completely blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for your acute listening that came with so much Love and compassion and excellence in technique today. I feel sooo good." Elizabeth G., Charleston, N.C.

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Use this form to contact me to find out more information about my services, to schedule an appointment, or request an email reading. I work in the Orange county, CA area for in-person sessions. Phone and Skype sessions are arranged in advance, with me calling the client at a set time. You can also email me directly: gera@dolphinwatershealing.com, call or text me (949-545-1882). Thank you and Angel Blessings!


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