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"I just love the way Gera Farkas works. She is professional, loving, very caring. She is very thorough. She took the time to do the healing right...Before the session was over my energy already was back to normal. I could think clearly again and my body felt like its normal healthy state again."  M.V., Long Beach, CA

"Gera is one of the most amazing healers I've ever met. I've purposefully met with several spiritual counselors over the past few years to see what's out there. She is in my top three, and number one for Theta Healing. What I absolutely love about Gera is when she gives you a reading she will find the block, go into Theta with you and clear it out... I am forever grateful for her." Indigo, Orange County, CA

ThetaHealing® and Reiki Energy Healing

ThetaHealing® is an interactive healing technique between healer and client using prayer, meditation and Quantum physics in a theta brain wave state. Simple to profound changes in health, abundance and beliefs can be experienced. Read more about ThetaHealing® here.
Reiki Healing
is a respected Japanese technique for revitalizing Universal Life Force Energy. It's a safe, simple method for relaxation and spiritual healing. Read more about Reiki here.
Dolphin Trilogy Reiki
is deeply healing. The golden and crystal dolphins and the orca whales assist in healing emotional issues such as depression, and remind us to be playful. Note: While spiritual and energy healing are not a replacement for conventional medicine, they can successfully complement it. Please consult your doctor for medical concerns.

In-person or Distance Healings available. I am a certified Reiki Master and ThetaHealing® Practitioner, trained to do any combination of these healing energies.

ThetaHealing® Special

If you would like to try ThetaHealing® I am offering an Introductory Special: $88 for a 1 hour hour phone session. Email me with a note about the ThetaHealing® Special, and the issue you where would like healing, and to arrange an appointment time. Gera's Email  

ThetaHealing® Special $88

Reiki and Dolphin Reiki Energy Sessions

Receive the relaxing, calming energy of Reiki, or the joyful healing of the spirit dolphins, the angels of the sea, with a Dolphin Reiki session. Select from 15 to 60 minute sessions, long-distance, for you or your pets.


ThetaHealing® Sessions

Clear blocks and move forward on your path today! Schedule your next ThetaHealing® session now. 1 hour appointments by phone or Skype, or in-person in Orange County. Email me, text or call (949-545-1882), and let's arrange an appointment time.

ThetaHealing® Session $150/hour

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