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Gera Farkas in Ladies Home Journal

Animal communicator article: Mr. Snuffles Says Enough with the Walks In the Rain. And Can You Call Him Bob?

Gera Farkas Featured in Ladies Home Journal

Animal Communication

Do You Need a Pet Psychic?

Learn more about your pets, their favorite food, toys and activities, solve behavior and health issues, help calm them during times of change, help locate lost pets, and receive guidance on pets who have passed over. I have been trained as an animal communicator, utilizing mental telepathy, and have practiced in person and long distance communication with pets for over fifteen years. With long distance or email readings, pictures of your pet help me to focus. Please email me on the contact page for an appointment or to request a long distance reading.

In-person and Distance Readings : Available in 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions. Please email, call (949-545-1882) or text Gera to set an appointment for phone, Skype or local readings in Orange County, CA.


"Gera informed me that my boxer Darby was ready to go. The day after, the vet's office called to say Darby only had hours to live and we should bring him in.燝rateful to Gera in preparing us for this outcome and providing us time and opportunity to make Darby's wishes come true. Thank you Gera!" Julie M.


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15 Minutes: $25
30 Minutes: $40
45 Minutes: $55
60 Minutes: $70

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