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Have you been curious about what your pet is thinking?  Do you have behavior problems to solve?  Would you like to connect to your pets on the other side? Does your pet have emotional or health issues? Gera can help you with animal communication, mediumship and energy healing or animal reiki. Together we can solve behavior and health concerns, help calm them during times of change, help locate lost pets, and receive guidance and messages on pets who have passed over.

Hi! I’m Gera Farkas

I’m an animal communicator, intuitive and reiki healer. I’m also a pet psychic medium for animals who have transitioned into spirit. I have been trained and certified as an animal communicator, or pet psychic, utilizing mental telepathy, and a Reiki master for people and animals, and I’ve practiced in person and long distance pet communication for over twenty years. I have a special connection to dolphins, who have been my joy guides for over ten years!


Gera Farkas-Animal Communicator
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Your pets have a lot to say and will appreciate your efforts to connect with them. Pets often begin to cooperate, change their behavior and get along better because of your care and concern. Once they know you and Gera are listening, they instantly show their joy and share more. Are you ready to help you and your pets?

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As a certified Reiki Healer and Master, I am also trained to give animals reiki healing energy. When animals have suffered a trauma, have an illness or stressed out in a new environment or situation, it’s helpful for them to receive Reiki Healing Energy. This is done long distance. You and your pet will notice the effects right away.

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You can ask for guidance from the dolphins on career, romance, health and life purpose, by email or by phone. As an intuitive counselor and animal communicator, I connect with your dolphin spirit guides and ask for messages for you. Invite more joy into your life and grow spiritually by bringing the dolphins into your life.


“Gera offered to tune in and help my dog when it was time to euthanize him. First, she asked him what he wanted to do on his last day, and what his preferences were for making his transition. She gave him reiki and helped him to feel more relaxed, told him what was going to happen and gave us his last messages. He passed peacefully and I slept better, with less guilt, knowing his last wishes were granted and that he loved us dearly. Thank You Gera.”

Martha M., Spokane, WA


Recently, our family was challenged by coming to terms with our beloved boxer losing his eyesight because of cataracts.  We felt as though Darby wanted to leave and be with our Lord Jesus; however, we were not ready to let him go.  Stingy?  Absolutely, as we lost our Lucky girl a mere 3 years ago, and Darby leaving us felt unbearable.  I called Gera.  She, IMMEDIATELY, began performing Reiki healing, while I placed some crystals on Darby’s heart and head, and all of us praying for Darby to heal and be sprite once more.  Gera, tirelessly and with pure love, worked on Darby for approximately 30 minutes.  Maybe 45.  My tears seemed to go on for hours.

Darby, before the session ended, was breathing easier and his heartbeat became more regular. 

Fast forward 45 days from initial Reiki, and our Darby is acting as if he were 3, instead of 10, and his eyesight HAS RETURNED.  I don’t mean a little, or he’s used to limited eyesight, I mean his eyesight is 100% back to normal.  We are all grateful for the added time with our Darby-the-dog.

Our family, including Darby, are Blessed to have Gera in our lives. When you need clear direction, guidance, on any issue(s), Gera is your first and last call. Period.”

Julie M., Seattle, WA


“I was excited when  I noticed the meetup for the dolphin meditation and reading! I have always felt an affinity for dolphins and Gera certainly didn’t disappoint me! She absolutely reconfirmed their healing powers for me with a wonderful custom meditation that she sent to me to replay at my convenience, which I do often.  I find it very centering and relaxing!  The really amazing part was the first meditation I did using the  recording on my phone at the beach!  It was amazing as before and after my meditation there were dolphins within sight as if they knew they were being called to help me feel confirmed about some big decisions regarding what direction to take in my life! Additionally, I now even have a name for my “dolphin angel” and sometimes dolphins reappear at the beach when I hope for their support!

I highly recommend the kindness, relaxation and insightfulness that Gera can share with you!   She is “almost” as awesome as the dolphins, lol!  (A very high compliment!)

Thanks again, Gera!” Kara S., Huntington Beach, CA

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Gera was interviewed for this article and did a pet reading for the author’s dog. It was fun!

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You can easily book Gera through here, or contact me by text, phone or email for your appointment. Once a reading is complete, there are no refunds. Please be as specific as possible in your questions to get the most out of your session with Gera. I like to see a photo of your pet for the best connection. Thanks!

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