The dolphins want you to know you can receive their help whenever you ask for it. There are many ways to ask, and many ways to receive help. You can ask in silent thought or prayer, by writing your request or by using oracle decks for guidance. When you ask in silent thought, you only need to think: Dolphins, please help me now, while focusing on your concern. You can use the oracle decks in the same way. The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck by Doreen Virtue is one of these decks. The messages in this card deck were given to Doreen by the dolphins and have powerful energies for healing embedded in them. Just ask the dolphins for help while focusing on your issue and draw a card. The answers you receive in the cards are many layered messages, so take your time when reading them. Then watch for signs that your guidance is coming to you. You may get a feeling, goose bumps, hear a song, see an ad or get a phone call that seems to help. These are ways the dolphins are guiding you, and opening doors for you. Be ready to step through them!