Blog Stay Positive dolphin message

The dolphins want you to know it’s important to stay positive and spend time around positive people, doing positive things. When you do this, your energy is lifted to a new level and you feel more loving, more joyful and grateful for longer periods of time. In this way, you attract more positive energy and situations to you and you en-joy your life more. It’s important to remember that you have a choice in this, and you can improve your life by choosing the positive over the negative.

When you complain about your situation or people in your life, you are changing the energy around you to a more negative level. This draws more unhappy situations to you. It is that simple. If you want to be happier, change the way you think and talk in your everyday life. Strive to have more gratitude about things you do love, the events and happenings you enjoy, the kind things others do for you, the care and concern others show. When you complain, ask yourself if you are feeling powerless to change your situation. If the answer is yes, ask yourself how you could take steps to feel powerful. Is it by speaking your truth? Is it by taking action, even a small step in a positive direction? Once you know the answer, it is much easier to turn your situation around, is it not? Ask yourself now what you need to feel empowered, and give yourself the gift of taking back your own power. You are here on a journey, and remembering who you truly are is a big part of that journey. Knowing that you have the love and support of the dolphins, the whales and the angels on this planet is a great place to start. Call on them when you need this help, this support, and know that you are one step closer to your own power. Your life changes just in this knowing. And you allow yourself to be filled with more and more positive energy-the energy of self-empowerment, the energy of your spirit, each day.