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Animal Communication Session

I have been trained as an animal communicator, utilizing mental telepathy, and have practiced in person and long distance communication with pets for over fifteen years. I have assisted many pets with illness, vet visits, finding their way home, territory issues, aggressive behaviors, biting, barking, chewing, marking, food allergies, and more, creating happier pets and owners in the process.

Your pets will appreciate your efforts to connect with them, and often begin to cooperate, change their behavior and get along better because of your care and concern. Once they know you and Gera are listening, they instantly show their joy and share more.

Sessions can be scheduled in blocks of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Sessions can be done virtually, or by email, with Gera answering your most pressing questions.

Pet Sessions

  • 15 Minutes: $25 

  • 30 Minutes: $40

  • 60 Minutes: $70


In an Animal Communication Reading You Can Talk to Your Pet:

  • About food, toys, grooming, relationships with you and other pets, happiness

  • About behavior issues and what causes them- fears, past trauma

  • About his or her purpose in being with you- his or her job

  • About your absences/travel/trips

  • About preferences when it’s time to say good-bye

  • About help with crossing over

  • About locations when your pet is lost

In a Pet Mediumship Reading You Can Ask:

  • Your pet how he or she is doing, where they are

  • If they suffered during their crossing

  • If they are they happy now

  • If you need to feel guilty about how they crossed

  • If they know how much you love them

  • If they would like to come back to you

  • If other pets or loved ones met them on the other side


Reiki for Animals

As a certified Reiki Healer and Master, I am trained  and certified to give animals reiki healing energy too. When animals have suffered a trauma, have an illness or stressed out in a new environment or situation, it’s helpful for them to receive Reiki Healing Energy.

Sessions can be scheduled in blocks of 15 or 30 minutes. Reiki can be sent long distance, using a photo of your pet, at any time.


By having Gera give your pet Reiki Healing Energy your pet can receive:

  • Faster recovery from surgery, illness, trauma

  • Relief of stress

  • Emotional balance and support

  • Deeper relaxation after shock or during medical treatments

  • End of life comfort

Reiki Sessions

  • 15 Minutes: $25 

  • 30 Minutes: $40


Cat receiving animal reiki healing
Dolphin Waters Healing-dolphin messages

Dolphin Messages


We have dolphin guides as well as angels. Our dolphin guides are here to give us guidance and support. If you feel a strong connection to dolphins and whales, sea turtles and other sea creatures, you can receive messages from them through Gera. 

You can ask for guidance from the dolphins on career, romance, health and life purpose, by email or by phone. As an intuitive counselor and animal communicator, I connect with your dolphin spirit guides and ask for messages for you. Invite more joy into your life and grow spiritually by bringing the dolphins into your life.



In a Dolphin Message Reading You Can Receive Guidance On:

  • Career

  • Romance

  • Health

  • Life Purpose

  • Creating more passion and joy

Dolphin Messages

  • Email 1 question: $30

  • Phone or Zoom:
  • 30 Minutes: $40

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Every month I channel a new message from the dophins, and create dolphin meditations and videos for you to enjoy.

Dolphin Waters Healing Animal Communication-dolphin

The Latest Messages from the Dolphins

You are deeply loved

You are deeply loved

The dolphins want you to know that you are loved so deeply by them, as deep as the oceans, with a love that radiates out from their hearts through the waters to your heart, in waves upon waves of aquamarine light. You can receive this love into your heart by working...

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Time to love yourself

Time to love yourself

The dolphins want you to know that it's time for you to love yourself more than you ever have before. This is so important right now, as we all learn to love each other unconditionally. We start with ourselves first, by forgiving those things we still harbor judgments...

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Surfing the waves

Surfing the waves

The dolphins want you to know that during these times of great change, it's important to surf the waves, riding the highs and lows with grace, maintaining your balance and holding onto your hopes and dreams. It's only going to get better, and your best life is coming,...

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For Your Convenience

You can contact me by text, phone or email for your appointment. Once a reading is complete, there are no refunds. Please be as specific as possible in your questions to get the most out of your session with Gera. I like to see a photo of your pet for the best connection. Thanks!

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