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With over 20 years expertise in Animal Communication, Gera has a special connection to all animals. She is trained and certified to do animal communication and animal reiki.

Gera Farkas-Animal Communicator

Meet Gera


Gera is here to provide support for you and your pets, helping you to increase the joy and happiness you share with them, by improving communication and behaviors, and calming and healing fears and unhealthy patterns.


Growing up, there were always dogs and cats in her family. Her grandparents and two uncles lived on farms, where Gera felt that the cows and pigs were kindred spirits. There were even two horses as neighbors that Gera talked to, fed and petted every day. She had a pet hamster and a white mouse too, along with a few goldfish. These animals seemed like her best and closest friends, and it was natural for her as an adult to want to increase her connection to them.
After teaching herself to communicate with angels, the natural next step was to learn animal communication, so in 1991 she took three classes from different teachers. One of those teachers was taught by Penelope Smith, the pioneer in the field of animal communication. Gera read her books and was hooked! Since then, Gera has been attuned to reiki, and learned animal reiki in the process. Since that time, Gera has studied Angel Therapy®, ThetaHealing®, Mediumship, and has become a spiritual teacher.
Animal Communicator and Healer Gera Farkas is a fun loving, entertaining and compassionate reader. Gera loves sharing her knowledge and helping clients answer their most pressing questions about their present pets and those who have passed over. She is known by clients as caring, calm and patient, with the ability to easily connect and deliver messages that are insightful, accurate and often-times life-changing.

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Favorite Animal Charities

Gera is a proud supporter of The Animal Rescue Site, The Dolphin Project and Oceana charities!

About Your Session

With phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype readings, pictures or descriptions of your pet help me to focus. Please provide me with a photo of your pet prior to your appointment, along with some information about your pet and issues you are having. Your pets will love you for it, and you can thank them for being such wonderful, loving companions.


For sessions paid in advance, cancellations can receive a full refund before reading begins. And remember to always consult a professional expert for any medical, health or legal issues, utilizing Gera’s information as guidance.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need to change my appointment time?

    Let me know as soon as possible, preferably the night before, so we can reschedule.

  • How do I pay for my session?

    I can use Square to take your credit card payment over the phone, invoice you through PayPal, or use FaceBook Messenger to receive payments.

  • Do I call you or do you call me?

    I call you at the appointed time so be sure to have your phone nearby, with a notepad and pen if needed for notes.

  • Am I allowed to record our reading?

    Yes you may record our reading. I have found some cell phone apps that record phone calls that might work for you!


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Comments From Pets

Pets often express how they feel about their names. It’s a great idea to ask them what they want to be named.

“I want to be called Tommy, because I’m a tomcat!”

— Tommy kitty

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For Your Convenience

You can easily book Gera through PetWorks.com here, or contact me by text, phone or email for your appointment. Once a reading is complete, there are no refunds. Please be as specific as possible in your questions to get the most out of your session with Gera. I like to see a photo of your pet for the best connection. Thanks!

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Paying is easy. Payments can be taken over the phone with Square, by PayPal or Messenger.