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OC Dolphins and Angels Healing Circle

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TeleClass: How to Receive the Healing Energy of Dolphins Do you love dolphins, feel attracted to them, love seeing them, want to swim with them? The angel dolphins have given us guidance on how to use their energy in healing sessions, similar to Reiki. In this teleclass I will explain who these healing dolphins are, and how to connect with them. We will also do a meditation where you can experience the dolphins yourself and meet your dolphin guides. This will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and joyful.

Classes are anytime, from anywhere! You can call in by phone, or listen online. Sign up for this class today! Teleclass Fee $10

Angelic Support Circle: Gather as a group on the phone, and experience personalized angelic healing, with guided meditation, mini readings and angel coaching, in a safe and sacred environment during these monthly 90 minute calls. Whether you are just beginning to explore angels or you are a practiced student, the group energy and light will leave you feeling happier, lighter and more connected and joyful. Let's explore together.  We meet monthly on the 3rd Sunday, 4-5:30PM.
Cost is FREE. I am offering this support circle as a free service to you, so that you may receive the gifts of angels. Since this is a teleconference call, at the time you RSVP, you will receive the dial in number and access code to join.


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